TomTom Car Kit Doesn’t Work With iPod touch

Contradicting previous rumors, TomTom has stated that their recently launched TomTom GPS Car Kit will not add GPS capability to Apple’s touchscreen handhelds that do not have GPS chips of their own, namely the first generation iPhone and all current and past models of iPod touch. The car kit has a GPS unit built in that it uses for navigation with the iPhone 3GS to enhance functionality, leading some to believe that it could be made to work with non-GPS devices.

A notice on TomTom’s website states:

“Note: The TomTom app for iPhone is not included with this TomTom Car Kit. The Car Kit dock is compatible with all iPhone models, but the Car Kit app only works with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G.”

In short, the only thing standing in the way of turn-by-turn GPS navigation on Apple’s non-GPS handhelds is lack of support from the TomTom apps [App Store, $99.99].

When asked if the application could be updated to run on the first generation iPhone and iPod touches, devices with no GPS receivers of their own, a company spokesperson said they have not made any “public announcements”, leading us to believe that if nothing else, it is possible to do so.

TomTom’s car kit is available online for $119.95.
[via Apple Insider]

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