TomTom 1.3 Update Released, Includes Traffic, Google Local Search, More

Today TomTom released another impressive update for its iPhone app, including optional traffic updates (via in-app purchase) plus a slew of new features, such as Google local search, pinch to zoom, automatic day/night mode, and music fading for voice directions. The update is free to existing users, and the app is now $30 cheaper for U.S. and Canada.

The list of new features follows the break.

  • Powered by Google, search the local area for places of interest, which is a fancy way of saying, “Find the closest McDonald’s.”
  • Pinch to zoom for a more detailed map view, something iPhone users have come to expect on every app.
  • Automatic music fading, much like the native phone app, decreases the music volume during turn-by-turn directions then slowly fades back up when the directions are complete.
  • Automatic day/night mode that adjusts the screen brightness based on local sunrise and sunset times, a common feature in traditional navigation systems.
  • Add to TomTom, allowing users to import locations from other iPhone apps and save on the TomTom app.
  • A map update, advertised to be the most accurate map and contain more roads than any competing navigation system.

Pricing for the iPhone app is $59.99 (U.S. version) or $69.99 (U.S. and Canada). The optional traffic service is available through an in-app purchase for $19.99 per year.


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