Today’s Holiday-Themed App: Trigger Happy Christmas

Picking up where I left off yesterday, it’s time to unveil the next holiday-themed app in our Holiday Apps 2009 special feature. Today’s app is another game and it’s called Trigger Happy Christmas [App Store, $0.99]. It’s a simple game where you play as Santa, except Santa has a machine gun. Why does Santa have a machine gun? Because his elves have gone nuts. They’re stealing presents and ruining Christmas in the process. So it’s up to you to gather all the stolen gifts and annihilate each and every one of those greedy elves.

The game is filled with animated elf blood, guts, and brains which spew every which way, providing you with tons of wonderful joy-filled, elf-killing satisfaction. The game is $0.99 and totally worth it if you like the idea of Santa plus guns. And trust me, you’ll like it. If you’re not sure, check out the video below!


Oh, and to all of you who go to bed at a normal time, I’ll try to get the rest of these up earlier in the day.

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