Tip is a simple tip application with a pretty, clean interface and a limited number of features. To calculate an amount to tip, simply enter the bill total, choose your desired tip percentage, and you’ll get a tip amount and total cost after tip.

If you prefer to leave a rounded tip, you can choose “Rounded” and the total will be rounded to the closest tip percentage. There’s also a third option called “Mirror” which will mirror the dollars and cents.

Tip also supports splitting a bill, although it can only be divided into equal parts. There’s no way to calculate tip pre-tax unless you’re willing to do math, but it shouldn’t be a problem for most.

The good: Fantastic design, easy to use. Provides exact, rounded, and mirror “style” tips. Variable tip percentages up to 35%. Can equally divide bill.

The bad: No pre-tax calculations, although it’s not a big deal.

The Bottom line: Although the features are limited to what I’ve described in this brief review, Tip is a fantastic tip application that should be perfect for 90% of restaurant goers. For its simplicity, ease of use, and fantastic design, Tip is a highly recommended addition to any iPhone.

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