Time Waster Alert: iPad App Store Now Live!

If you’ve been worried about the quality of apps that will available for the iPad when it ships on Saturday, now is your chance to put your mind at ease and waste the rest of today, because the iPad store is now live in iTunes!

Apple is heavily promoting iPad-ready apps on the front page of the app store, currently highlighting their own iWork apps [App store, $9.99 each]; The Wall Street Journal [App store, free]; ABC Player [App Store, free], as mentioned earlier; Labyrinth 2 HD [App store, $7.99]; and Marvel [App store, free], which is the only universal app in the bunch. We are finding a few dollar apps in the iPad store, but what is more noticeable is the number of high-end apps now cropping up such as The Omni Groups, OmniGraffle [App store, $49.99], priced closer to their Mac apps. So feel free to blow off whatever you planned for this afternoon and take a peek at what you’ll be spending your hard earned money on come Saturday.

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