Three New Utilities That May Help Ease Your Life

Avocado Hills, the unique name of a developing firm currently developing for iOS, was kind enough to donate a total of 30 codes to this week’s edition of our weekly giveaway, for three of their various utility applications, so I thought it was only fair to give them some publicity for their applications. Below is a rundown on the three apps they provided, each with a link – I haven’t tried them, but they all have high ratings. Check them out.

Smileybot $0.99

The amount of Emoji applications on the App Store stretches from one side to the other. In other words, there are a ton of options for the cute-emoticon-minded person. Another to add to the list, though one to evidently highlight out, is Smileybot. Available for $0.99, the applications enables emoji keyboards on your iPhone and iPod Touch. According to the description, there are over 1,000 emojis to choose from, a clear difference in comparison to other similar applications, and additional features are included, which includes different texting styles. Why you’d want to text upside down words is beyond me, but that option is available alongside the inclusion of greek-styled letters, circled letters and dashed out letters. If you like to get unique with your texting, by all means purchase the application. Remember that we’ll have ten codes later this week to giveaway!

Slangbot $0.99

Though it can lead to be a disgusting or disturbing journey, it can also be some great fun to surf through the Urban Dictionary. An option to satisfy your hobby, if that is your hobby, of course, is offered thanks to Slangbot, an urban dictionary for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The application has pretty much every slang word that you’d ever hear, with an accompanying description, where that may be appropriate, all wrapped up in what seems to be a polished and intuitive package. Remember that we’ll have ten codes later this week to giveaway!

See It Now $0.99

This application claims to be one of the best magnifying applications on the App Store. Compatible with the iPhone, you can seemingly read tiny text using the application’s interface. I haven’t actually tried it myself, but it seems like an interesting idea and certainly a useful application to own if it does function properly to simplify reading smaller text. We’ll just have to wait for our fans’ feedback – we have ten codes for See It Now as well.

If you can’t wait until this Thursday when we’ll be giving away all three of the above applications, in the form of 30 cumulative codes, then purchase any of them by all means if they peak your interest. Let us know if you do, I’m interested whether or not the last one works as advertised.