Three New iCade Kin Make Their Appearances At CES 2012

I remember the day I got the media email from my contact at ThinkGeek about the iCade being announced, at that time as a simple prank. To date, however, the accessory has grown to be probably the most popular iPad gaming controllers, and the makers behind the clever product have now decided to bring the love over to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The accessory has been both well received and supported, alike so ION Audio, the developers behind the iCade showcased their newest additions to their expanding lineup at this year’s iteration of the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2012. According to Engadget, reported to you by us via Macrumors, a total of three new products will soon be unveiled to the general public, all three of which are compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch and one with the iPad.

iCade Mobile

First in the new lineup is the iCade Mobile, which is an accessory that houses the iPhone or iPod Touch within its confines to offer a better handheld gaming experience to those who are more savvy with actual, physical buttons rather than the virtual controls that most modern iOS games sport. The device will connect to your iPhone or iPod Touch via bluetooth and will allow the user to change the orientation of the iPhone or iPod Touch to suit their liking and/or the game that they’re playing. The iCade Mobile will be launching sometime this Spring for $79.99. Since we’re not at CES 2012 this year, Engadget took a video of the device in action:

iCade Core

This new device is obviously an intended spinoff of the current iCade. And it really is: this successor to the popular iCade Cabinet is basically its older brother, in a skinned down version. The design excludes the sides of the iCade to make the device compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, rather than just limited to the iPad like its predecessor, but it functions the same way. It allows you to play your games with physical buttons and a joystick, connecting to your iOS device using bluetooth and also a 30-pin connector to allow your to charge while you play. No price was mentioned.

iCade Jr.

I always like little minions of current products, and this one is certainly just that. Compatible with solely the iPhone and iPod Touch, ION just took their current iPad Cabinet and resized it to utilize the iPhone and iPod Touch dimensions. It’ll house your device, connect with bluetooth, offer charging via a connector, and offers you a joystick and buttons. It will also be available sometime in the Spring, this time for $49.99. If it lives up to its older brother’s hype, then it should live up to expectations.

We’ve seen a large influx of new controller accessories to flood the market recently, including the 60beat Gamepad and the Gametel Wireless Gamepad, both of which are still fairly new. The iCade has been the most popular and supported, I’m anticipating that these three new products will expand on the current success of the clever cabinet that pays homage to arcades. Stay tuned for more news closer to Spring.

[Via Macrumors, more pictures available on Engadget]