THQ Announces Star Wars Cantina for iPhone, iPod Touch

Because you can never have too many Star Wars items on your iPhone. Per Mobile Entertainment, THQ Wireless has announced that Star Wars Cantina will be coming to the iPhone and iPod touch. Though relatively new and genre-defying for the Star Wars brand, Star Wars Cantina functions as a light-hearted simulation centered around running the cantina at the Mos Eisley Spaceport.

According to the official blurb, “Your task is to see that the right beverage finds its way to the right customer. And don’t keep them waiting, some of the customers are real troublemakers! Working towards your daily quota, accuracy and speed are essential. As a reward for a job well done, outfit your cantina with decorations and attractions to appeal to even the most difficult customers.”

Final specs for the app have yet to be released, though THQ has stated that the title will be available in the App Store before too long.

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