This Is What the Next iPod touch Will (Probably) Look Like

The next-generation iPod touch will likely be joining the iPhone 4/5 and iPad 2 in the multiple color options area, going from a choice of black or black to black or white as new pictures of an iPod touch with a white front glass panel indicate. Not only has 9to5Mac supposedly received pictures of its white digitizer part in-the-flesh (actually, in-the-glass), but also created a mockup promotional picture to better illustrate how it would look.

Design changes in the fifth-generation iPod touch stop at the addition of a white bezel option. Where upgrades will be prominent are inside of the device with new hardware, including a dual-core A5 chip. Reportedly, there may also be improved cameras though it would not take much to top its current camera setup.

Take a look at these two pictures of the iPod touch’s white digitizer and decide for yourself whether these are legitimate or if somebody got too into a Photoshop “Color Replace” session. Note how there is not a cut-out for the iPhone’s top speaker, indicating that this part is in fact for an iPod touch to say the least.

iPod touch
White digitizer part

Seeing how this does not have appear to be fit for a 3.8″ display with a smaller horizontal bezel, that’s either a telling sign that the rumors about an upgrade to a 3.8″ screen are wrong or that only iPhone 5 will feature a screen size bump. It also cannot be ruled out that this was simply a test, possibly even for the current-generation, and not indicative of the final device brought to market.

Check out the promotional photo again in its full-size: