Third Party Cases Show Camera On Upcoming iPod Touch?

Several third party iPod cases have been spotted coming out of China hinting that the iPod touch may be getting the addition of a camera in the near future. Cult of Mac has managed to get their ninja-like fingers on twelve photographs of cases that include a camera hole on the back of the device similar to those found on iPhone cases. Unlike the iPhone, the hole is located in the center of the top back next to the antennae, rather than in a corner.

There have been rumors that the iPod touch would be getting a camera for some time, but it was hypothesized that Apple had decided against it to avoid cannibalizing iPhone sales. These cases now offer evidence to the contrary.

While there is still a chance that they may be fake or based on bad information, it shows that case manufacturers in China are so certain about these dimensions, including the addition of the camera, that they have already begun production on them.

Interestingly, cases for the iPod Nano with camera holes have also surfaced, showing that they may be getting one as well.

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