Third-Party Application Allows You to Adjust Screen Brightness

Whether you’re out in the dark, laying in bed or simply using your iPhone as a flashlight, Apple hasn’t provided an easy enough way to adjust our device’s screen brightness to satisfy our needs. Regardless if you need the screen to be noticeably dimmer or brighter, it still takes some time to do it by navigating through the usual – instead, Dimmer aims to make adjusting your brightness easier, and it succeeds.

We still have yet to see a simple window like the recently added Notification Center that will make it easier to change settings within your iOS device. Dimmer, a-not-so-new-application considering it was released during October, makes it astoundingly easy to change the brightness of your display.

All you have to do is boot up the application, where you’ll be faced with a simple graphic light switch that can be flicked up and down, with intervals in between, and will adjust the brightness of your screen from the brightest option to the dimmest option. What’s great is that the brightness stays once you exit the application.

What’s the real use of the application other than for your personal benefits if you’re as lazy as I am? You can set your own presets for occasions that you really need the screen to be adjusted. For example, I like to keep my screen dim during the day as to not waste my iPhone’s battery, but I use my phone at night sometimes as a reading light – weird, yes, but useful. In this situation, I can set a preset for the brightness that I prefer when using it as a light and only have to 1) open the application and 2) press the preset button upon my iPhone will automatically switch to the brightness that I have previously set.

To tell you the truth, I previously had no idea that applications like this wouldn’t infringe with Apple’s various policies when it comes time to submit an application to the App Store. What I do know is that the app hasn’t yet peaked Apple’s anger when I consider that the application has been available for iOS for almost a month come the 11th of November. That said, I’d still recommend anyone at all interested pick up Dimmer before anything, if anything, does happen, so go check it out for free. ———————————————————————–>

Note: Thanks to comment from reader joec, I’d like to inform you that the above gripe has been incorporated into the iPad’s OS; you can simply double click the home button and then you have the option to adjust the brightness among other options as well. Thanks for the tip!