Things We Like: Glyphboard Reinvents The WebApp On iPhone

Glyphboard, a small web app that’s seemingly more than a web app, just might change the way web apps are looked at. Previously web apps could only be used while in Safari and connected to the Internet, but this application is much different. That’s because Glyphboard can install itself as a webclip on your iPhone or iPod touch and launch just like a native application.

Glyphboard provides a pretty rudimentary, but un-doable (until now) task: copying those little ASCII glyphs into the iPhone clipboard for pasting into emails, IMs, or Twitter conversations.

While this may seem like a waste of space on your iPhone, I can’t help but see what a bright future this might bring. Imagine web apps that could allow you to do the same things as native apps, but developers would not be giving Apple a 30% cut of profits or have to go through strenuous app reviews that seem to take forever.

Take a look at Glyphboard on your iPhone or iPod touch and tell us what you think about the possibilities. You can install the web clip by visiting the Glyphboard site (here) on your iPhone or iPod touch using Safari. You can also read more about Glyphboard, and its features on the developer’s blog.

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