Things We Like: Get A Free 30-Day Trial For AT&T Navigator

If you haven’t been sleeping in iPhone class lately, you’ll probably remember the turn-by-turn navigation app that AT&T released last month. The app is free, but to make it work you’re required to pay another $10 a month on top of your current AT&T bill. Most of you were less than impressed with the idea of giving AT&T more money and didn’t bother trying it. If you’re still itching to try it out, we’ve got an awesome trick for you!

Simply call AT&T (611 on your AT&T iPhone), press 0 to speak with an operator, and tell them that you want a free trial to AT&T Navigator. They’ll set you up with a free 30 day trial which will auto-renew. To avoid being charged actual real monies, simply call back to cancel before the last day. And that, ladies and gentleman, is awesome!

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