Things We Like: Exposé Hack Emerges for iPhone 3GS

The hacks don’t stop with the iPhone (despite Apple’s wishes) and there are some pretty cool ones out there. One we found today was that’s the handywork of developer Steve Troughton-Smith, which, according to SlashGear, essentailly places Mac OS X’s Exposé feature on your iPhone 3GS.

Steve has also developed a version of Stacks for the iPhone, though it doesn’t seem like the current version has Exposé support quite yet. Still, if you’ve ever wanted pop-up icon arcs like you might find on an OS X desktop then it’s a nifty mod to your iPhone; you’ll need a jailbroken handset, naturally, and right now it’s on limited alpha release.

It’s unknown as to exactly when when Expose will get added, but this looks like a decidedly cool and useful thing for Apple to look into.

Take a gander:

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