They’ve Got You Covered: New iPad Case Roundup

Even though it wasn’t accompanied by a formal name yesterday at Apple’s media event in California, it has brought along a host of cases that can be used hand in hand to protect your prized new iPad and its shiny, pixel-packed retina display. Check out our roundup of our most favorite, best looking, awesome cases you can purchase for reliable effect.



Otterbox Defender Series Case ($89.95)

Based on past experience with their cases, we’re absolutely in love with everything and anything that Otterbox puts out there for mobile users and tablet users alike. Introduced yesterday is a case for The New iPad, which is an expansion to their Defender Series line of cases – the most bulky option for protection that they offer. Like its kin, the mobile iterations of the cases, the iPad version boasts two layers to provide an optimal amount of protection. Underneath, a poly-carbonate shell makes up the main skeleton while on top of that a layer of silicone is put on. Additionally, arguably considered as the ‘third’ layer to the case, a plastic shield covers the iPad’s screen to keep dust, scratches and more off of the real pretty screen that Apple unveiled yesterday. It may seem a hefty price to pay for a case, but you want to preserve your iOS device’s beauty, correct?

So far, this is the only case that Otterbox has up to currently be purchased, however, they’ll undoubtedly open the curtain for others when they release continuations of their several other series.

Grove’s Wool Felt Bamboo Case ($119)

This new semi-natural case from Grove offers protection through the use of polished bamboo and an optional wool felt covering or alternatively leather. The bamboo shell covers the back of your iPad while the felt will overlay on top of the screen with magnets connecting to the bezel of your iPad for the sake of staying closed. This offers full external protection as well as a nice look that pays its dues to Mother Nature. As we’ve said, the case is also available in leather rather than the wool and can also be custom designed for an extra $40. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a bit before you’ll get your case, but it may be worth it.

Cygnett’s Lavish Connect ($129.99)

Ergonomics and the iPad have mixed with ease lately evident by multiple cases from various manufacturers that combine the idea of protecting your iOS device while also catering to people who don’t quite like the iPad’s virtual keyboard. Another one of those cases from a respectable case manufacturer is the Lavish Connect from Cygnett that offers stylish protection as well as a full, integrated QWERTY keyboard that connects via bluetooth. The folding case houses your iPad inside while it closes on the outside encasing your device and essentially blocking it from many culprits that usually cause harm. With the built in magnets, opening and closing the case will wake it up and put it to sleep, respectively. It looks absolutely great, and it offers another function on top of durable protection. It is sold out, but you can keep track of its status which should be replenished soon.

Spigen Zipack Leather Case ($58.99)

Concealing your device as it zips up from both sides, the leather case that falls into Spigen’s Zipack series is up for preorder, and it’s an absolute beauty. Inside the case, your iPad is securely housed and held for protection and ease of access. Additionally, a flap similar to Apple’s Smart Cover folds up and down to allow you to stand up your device at various viewing angles. This makes it easy to type, a breeze to watch movies and the perfect solution for hands-free activities with your iPad. It’s on the relatively cheaper side in comparison to the other cases listed above, but the case is from a trusted manufacturer and it’s certainly a top contender for those looking for a reliable case that won’t run you dry.

Griffin Survivor Case ($79.99)

Talk about rugged, heavyduty protection and Griffin’s Survivor case for the new iPad is at your service. With utmost, reliable protection in mind, the Survivor aims to keep your device away from culprits that could potentially cause damage to Apple’s newest creation. With an idea much like Otterbox’s, a tough polycarbonate shell houses your iPad, and that is covered with another silicone layer. This prevents even the most annoying substances that could wreak havoc for your iPad. What about the buttons you say? The volume rocker, the dock connector, the sleep button, the home button and all of the other external things that Apple has included a minimal amount of are all protected by silicone flaps that can be shut and held in place and can also be swung out to allow easy access to. Other than the buttons that are permanently enveloped in a protective rubber layer, any connections can be used easily and will be protected. The case is available in multiple different colors and comes accompanied by a separate stand that makes it simple to prop your iPad up on a flat surface for viewing.

AirStrap ($49.99)

Griffin has a pretty impressive line of cases that they released for the new iPad and that are also compatible with the previous iPad 2. The AirStrap executes a unique idea well, and it offers optimal protection simultaneously. The iPad can be kind of difficult to grasp and firmly hold with one hand especially if you’ve got smaller hands/arms. For this reason, Griffin have incorporated a strap to the back of this durable case to ease the affair of handling your iPad with only one hand. The strap maintains a tight fit, so that it keeps your iPad in your hands and also doesn’t obtrude when it’s not in use to prevent it from simple hanging otherwise. The case has a minimal design, but it can be extremely useful if you’ve got a house full of bustling [clumsy] kids or even regardless of that factor.

iSkin Vu ($59.99)

Seamlessly blending into the back of the beautiful, stylized body of the iSkin Vu, a stand is housed that props your iPad up when it’s in the confines of the clever case from well known manufacturers iSkin. With a clear, transparent backing and an extended colorful bezel, the case offers ultimate protection considering the materials used in the making, which includes TPU and polycarbonate plastics. The stand on the back swings in and out for multiple viewing positions and allows you to view your iPad hands-free with ease. Additionally, ports and buttons have been protected accordingly with inserts that will prevent any harmful substances from possibly penetrating. The case is available in three slick, cooler colors which includes: black, a dark shade of purple and also an aqua blue alternative all available for the same killer price.

Of course there are a ton of other cases that are available out there from both the manufacturers we have mentioned as well as others, but these are the ones that have piqued our interest the most. Let us know if there’s anything you’ve found that drastically caught your attention – we’d love to know what’s going to be protecting your spanking new iPad and its gorgeous new retina display.