There’s Not an App For That

Here in the US, today is the day we put aside to remember lost soldiers. It’s a day to give thanks to the sacrifice of others, a day to remember the splendor of America and those who died protecting it. It’s a day to be with family and remember those who cannot. Here at iPhone Alley, we want to say thank you to the families of lost soldiers, their sacrifice has given us the freedom to be with our families on this day. There’s no app for that.

Below are the number of people we have lost from recent wars. These are the men and women we honor today.


World War II – 405,399 (with 30,314 reported as missing)
Korean War – 128,650 (with 4,759 reported as missing)
Vietnam War – 58,209 (with 2,489 reported as missing)
Beirut deployment (1982) – 266
First Gulf War – 382
Somalia – 43
Kosovo – 20
Afghanistan – 1,087 (with 1 reported as missing)
Iraq War- 4,404 (with 2 reported as missing)


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