The U.S. Inaugurates its President Today; Watch on the iPhone

Today, U.S. president Barack Obama will be publicly inaugurated as a second-term president, and the world will be watching. Among those watching will be viewers using mobile devices, and the iPhone is no exception.

Obama, along with the U.S. vice president, Joe Biden, was legally inaugurated on Sunday because of provisions in the U.S. Constitution which require that holders of the two offices take their oath on January 20.

Because yesterday was a Sunday, the public ceremony which allows citizens of the United States to witness the event was scheduled for today, a federal holiday. When January 20 falls on a weekday, as it did when Obama was sworn into his first term, there is but one swearing in.

With that brief civics lesson out of the way, let us outline how one can view the ceremony on their iPhone. For many, today is a day like any other, possibly filled with work in the U.S., or work or school in other countries.

One possible method for viewing the ceremony, in all its pomp and circumstance, is through the Inauguration 2013 for iPhone app. “No matter where you are, you can join President Obama and Vice President Biden in being a part of history,” the app’s description happily chirps.

We’ll ignore the fact that today is a mere formality, as the legalities were taken care of yesterday.

Upon first logging into this app, users will be asked whether or not SMS updates are desired; they are optional. Users will also be presented with options for reading social networking feeds and viewing photos of the event.

The video footage will be streamed, so if a user wishes to view the event over his or her carrier’s data network, it is important for to be aware of the details of the data plan that’s involved. An event such as this has the potential to eat through the whole of a data plan with very little effort.

We believe that it is always best to view steaming video over Wi-Fi, as even with an unlimited data plan, buffering tends to be more prevalent over the data network, especially with a major news event such as this.

This app, offered by AT&T, is available to all iPhone users free of charge.

Users who wish to view this event can also watch through the apps already offered–and perhaps already installed on one’s iPhone–by news outlets such as CNN or all the major broadcast networks (NBC, CBS, ABC), as every station and channel that can will certainly be covering this event.

For many Americans, today is a monumental occasion, even an historic day. The iPhone makes it possible for those who are interested in watching the celebration to watch pretty much wherever they may be.

Perhaps it’s ironic–or at the very least, amusing–that the president viewers will use their iPhones to watch being ceremonially sworn into office for a second term today is infamous for his love of his BlackBerry device. Much fuss was made when he wanted to bring his beloved device into office with him, with all the security concerns that caused.

Perhaps this time around, he can be brought into the iPhone circle, and at that point he’ll finally have a real mobile device.

But we digress.

[via: iNews]