The “Pull My Finger” iPhone Developer Rejoices Upon Being Accepted To The App Store

You may remember when the iPhone application called “Pull My Finger” was banned from the App Store because of having “limited utility.” Today, the application became available to the masses [iTunes Link], but why did Apple change its mind?

According to a MacRumors post, Apple has decided to broaden its offerings on the App Store, and will now include the application. The developer contacted MacRumors and told them the following:

[Apple] told me that they are going to start approving a whole new “genre” of apps, and that Pull My Finger will be the first to be accepted in this genre. As of now Pull My Finger is available in the app store.

The very kind Apple Team Member told me that they didn’t want to reject it originally, but that they were sorting out how this “genre” of apps were going to be handled. She told me they’d be lifting the restriction on them, and more apps will follow that may have been previously not allowed.

[MacRumors via THE_BORG]

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