The Most Talented Light, Misses by *That* Much

We’ve discovered one of the coolest iPhone or iPod accessories in quite sometime. It’s called the t’Light, and claims to be “the most talented light.” Simply put, it’s an LED light (which is advertised to run for over 50,000 hours) with an iPod dock in the base. Stopping there, we already want one, but the designers didn’t stop there. The t’Light includes a port for charging your laptop and a USB port for charging another device, including an iPad.

There is one really glaring omission to this amazing desktop art piece: there’s no audio out jack. This desk lamp would have truly been perfection with the addition of an audio jack, allowing users to dock their iPhone and make it their office media player as well.

t’Light is available in eight colors, and can be purchased from their website for only $89, and the shipping rates seemed reasonable.


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