The iPhone: One of the Only Smartphones to Maintain a Spot in a List of Top 20

Here’s something that will blow you’re mind – that is if you’re not a full Apple enthusiast, considering those mentioned people have probably been expecting it and will be the least surprised to hear that the iPhone is one of two smartphones to remain in the list of top 20 smartphones since 2009.

Yup, there’s no typo there, nor am I reporting the wrong results. Millenial Media releases a top 20 list annually, this year proving the iPhone’s dominance; since the 2009 list, till now, the 2011 list, the iPhone has been the number one smartphone out of the total 20. That’s means that the iPhone 3GS and the current iPhone 4, the two iPhone models that have been released/sold since 2009, have both been the leading smartphones of their time. Stunning given that 18 of the other phones (RIM’s BlackBerryCurve has been on the list both 2009 and this year, taking number 3 and number 2, respectively) have not been been able to stay on the list more than one year.

While Apple is releasing only one smartphone per year, other companies have been releasing a myriad of them, of which none have stayed on the list for over two years. Check out 2009′s list (left) and this year’s list (right):

So, let’s recap: the iPhone is still at number one, has been for the past three years and most likely will remain at the top of the list for years to come, while the rest of the list (excluding RIM’s BlackBerryCurve, for now anyways) has been refreshed annually. Apple has surely got some future fame carved out for themselves. Repetitive on my part, yes, but still, a worthy accomplishment for the iPhone and their creator, Apple.

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[Via CNN Fortune]