The iPhone Continues to Dominate at Verizon Wireless

The fourth quarter of 2012 was extremely successful for Verizon Wireless as news has emerged that the behemoth sold 6.2 million iPhone units during that time period, according to the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Fran Shammo.

Overall, the company said, 9.2 million smartphones were activated during that same time period, meaning that–no surprise here–the iPhone dominated over lesser smartphones, such as the Android.

Although Verizon Wireless picked up the iPhone late in the game, due to an initially exclusive iPhone-AT&T deal, the company has managed to improve its smartphone sales.

During the fourth quarter, 90% of its activations were contract-based, perhaps showing that the pre-paid fad is dying off, as consumers apparently realize that a contract phone delivers more features and prestige.

Even though Verizon sold smartphones beyond the iPhone, the numbers don’t lie: clearly, the iPhone is still a sought-after product, as consumers realize that holding an iPhone in one’s hand delivers functionality and honor that simply isn’t possible with a BlackBerry or Android.

There has been much talk of dwindling sales and doom and gloom for the mighty iPhone. Of course, we here at iPhone Alley would tend to defend the device, and would point out that the iPhone is not now, nor will it ever be going away. Verizon’s latest figures prove that.

Now that the iPhone is no longer exclusively with AT&T–and it hasn’t been for a while–consumers have options. The major carriers either have, or will have, the device, and at this point we daresay that there is no reason in the world to not secure an iPhone.

The iPhone is functional, affordable and a status symbol.  Why wouldn’t anyone want it?  Clearly, Verizon Wireless’ customers have spoken loud and clear: the iPhone continues to stomp the competition. Not that there is any, mind you.

[via: CNET]