TenOneDesign Launching Little Brother to iPad Joystick, Fling Mini

It’s been greatly hyped about, TenOneDesign’s Fling Joystick for its innovative design allowing for sweet, simple joystick gameplay. Previously only available for the iPad, the joystick was an alternative way to play RPGs, dual-stick shooters, and other games with on-screen joysticks, for those iPad owners who weren’t comfortable with virtual controls. TenOneDesign is now, however, taking pre-orders for the little brother to the Fling, the Fling Mini.

There was question from iPhone and iPod Touch owners about when a mini version of the Fling would be made available. Turns out, TenOneDesign listened, and after an almost-interminable waiting time (well, just a few months really) are now letting people pre-order their newest, the Fling Mini. Coming in a pair, to be compatible with most games currently on the app store (or even the Android Market), the Fling Mini will cost you $24.95.

I haven’t tried the iPad predecessors of these things yet, so I can’t make any promises, but they’re supposed to be pretty darn good at providing a true “analog” feeling while playing. If you think that’ll improve your scores, go ahead and take the plunge. You might be cursing yourself now, but once you use them, and if they work, I’m sure you’ll be happy!

Own the iPad compatible Fling? Let us know how it is down below.

[Via TenOneDesign]