‘Temple Run 2′ Debuts on iOS to Reach Top Spot on App Store

Imangi Studios’ Temple Run has had quite the run; its success is only second to Rovio’s Angry Birds series. There was just something incredibly addictive about stealing that idol and attempting to maneuver your adventurer as far as possible to achieve the highest score possible, which would also give you bragging rights among your friends.

The game debuted on iPhone, then made its way to iPad and Android, and is expected to be released on the Windows Phone platform in the near future. Now, Imangi Studios has released Temple Run 2 on iOS and once again, it’s receiving the same amount of attention as the original Temple Run did.

Temple Run 2 is a free-to-play title that has you once again controlling your adventurer Guy Dangerous after you instruct him to steal the idol of the temple. The temple in Temple Run 2 feels much less claustrophobic as the adventure has been taken to the outdoors.

You’ll be swiping and tilting your way through Temple Run 2, but there are more obstacles to watch out for as you’ll be dodging raging rapids, flames and a giant monkey breathing down the back of your neck, all with improved visuals that look incredible no matter what iOS device you play it on. Temple Run 2 also introduced a new section to the run-as-far-as-you-can adventure: a mine cart getaway.

Temple Run 2 wasn’t even available for 12 hours yesterday, and the game was already spotted in the top spot in the App Store’s Free category. That alone shows just how popular the game has already become and we’re expecting to hear some good news from Imangi Studios in the very near future in regards to how many downloads the game has received in its first 24 hours. We would not be surprised if we’re told Temple Run 2 has achieved at least one million downloads in its first 24 hours of being released.


Written by Daniel Perez; edited by Mike Crook