Telus, Bell Announce Switch From CDMA To HSDPA

Things in Canada seem to be getting better for cell phone owners, and surprisingly fast. Not long after the announcement of the formation of a new Canadian wireless carrier as a result of a recent spectrum auction, Canadian carriers Bell and Telus have both announced plans to drastically transition their entire networks from.

After the announcement that Globalive would be forming a new cellular carrier, both carriers have announced that they are converting their networks, which currently work on the same CDMA phone technology as US carriers Sprint, Verizon, and numerous others, to the HSDPA technology used by Rogers Wireless, the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in Canada.

Supposedly the decision was triggered by concerns from one either company that Rogers” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3Ca+href%3D’)” GSM technology was giving it a competitive advantage by being more compatible with the majority of handsets around the world.

Gee, you think? Sure, you realize this ” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3Ca+href%3D’)”after” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3Ca+href%3D’)” Rogers gets the iPhone.

Actually, that might not be far from accurate. It is suspected (by people other than myself) that one of the primary turning points for Bell and Telus to switch to GSM was to be one day compatible with the iPhone 3G. They” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3Ca+href%3D’)”ve both begun offering the same iPhone competitors on their networks as the CDMA networks in the US.

The switches will undoubtedly be quite expensive, probably around $360 to $480 million.

[via CBC]

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