Telia Sonera Changes iPhone 3G Plans Due To Customer Complaints

Just as we thought the announcements of iPhone 3G plans were rapping up, one of them had to go back and start changing things. Telia Sonera announced their plans for the iPhone 3G last month, and apparently the Swedes weren’t too happy about them. Fortunately, after a large outpouring of complaints from customers, the company has revised their plans.

It’s understandable why they would be upset. Their baseline plan, called the “iMini” plan, was to cost 299 kr/month (roughly US$50) for just 100MB data, 100 voice minutes, and 100 SMS. The next plan would cost 489kr (about US$82) for just 250MB data, 250 voice and 250SMS, and to get a whole 1GB of data would cost 859, or US$144.13 a month, and was bundled with 1000 voice minutes and 1000 SMS. Unlimited data was available, but involved a customer shelling out another 199 kr/month (around $34) on top of one of the above plans.

Well, this doesn’t make much sense to us, and neither did it to the people of Sweden. As a result, Telia Sonera has announced that iPhone 3G customers will now have the option of choosing between any of their voice and SMS plans available to their normal cellphones and tacking on the 199kr unlimited data plan.

This is definitely good news for the people of Sweden. Hopefully other companies will follow suit and give iPhone buyers a break. Petitions against Rogers Wireless, AT&T, and Telia Denmark are also underway. (Let us know in the comments if you know about more!)

[via Macworld]

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