Telecom Italia Announces Additional iPhone 3G Pricing Details

On Tuesday, wireless carrier Telecom Italia announced assorted details as to its two-year subscription prices for the iPhone 3G. Though the carrier has yet to disclose the full cost of its plans, the iPhone 3G handset should retail for about €199 with an entry-level subscription.

Like wireless carrier O2′s offer in the United Kingdom, subscribers to high-end plans will receive the phone for free. Controversially, TIM will only say that each plan guarantees “at least” 1GB of data each month, despite the prevalence of unlimited transfers in other countries.

Sources close to the story have stated that carrier Vodafone will not offer subscription plans in Italy until July 21st, a full 10 days after the iPhone 3G’s formal launch. Early adopters may instead have to buy an unlocked device for €499 or €569, usable within an existing plan. To accommodate the intense data demands of the iPhone, Vodafone should be offering bandwidth packages at €3 per week or €10 per month.

[Via MacNN]

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