Tangible Keyboard For iPhone In The Works

The iPhone keyboard is a brilliant innovation and a good time once users have grown accustomed to it. Crossover users who are used to feeling their keypad, however, might like that tangible comfort of knowing just where their fingers are supposed to go. Some researchers might have the answer.

Tiny vibrations emitted from the vibrate component inside iPhone can imitate the feel of a button when users touch the keypad. This technology will actually allow you to feel the edge of each key. What occurs is that as users touch certain parts of the keyboard, different vibration patterns are emitted, triggering the feel of a smooth and round button. Also, this technology is capable of allowing users to feel the clicking of keys, as though it were being depressed and released.

PhysOrg.com has this to quote from Researcher Eve Hoggan:

“We found that, compared to a standard keyboard, touchscreen keypads were less accurate in terms of text input. Without being able to identify through touch when a key had been selected there was a significant increase in errors made. When in a rush it can be very time consuming to check each character has been entered correctly and is particularly difficult when travelling. Feedback through the finger is more natural and the brain can process it faster than visual feedback. By providing tactile feedback we will bring the iPhone keypad close to the performance of a real physical keyboard.”

The use of this technology can be applied to many other devices and phones, so look forward to the progress that can be made! The research team is allowing anyone to trail their progress here.

[via PhysOrg]

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