Talking Friends Series Could Surpass Angry Birds?

If you’ve been watching the app store’s Top 25 list or are a big fan of the wide variety of entertainment applications available, you might have noticed a few apps from the same developer floating somewhere near the top. Which apps? The Talking Friends series from Outfit7 which includes Talking Larry the Bird, Talking Santa for iPhone (our review), Talking Baby Hippo and many others. These apps featuring such quirky, fun characters are popular; so popular enough, they could very well surpass Angry Birds.

Just how well are these apps doing?

In less than half the time it took Angry Birds to get its somewhere near 50 millions downloads, Outfit7′s series of Talking Friends have gotten just 9 million less accumulating a whopping total of 41 million downloads on the iOS market along with Google’s Android Market.

So, what’s so good about them?

There’s just no way to resist the allure of cute, quirky animals that repeat everything that you say. The app utilizes a microphone, whether built-in or external, and has the main character repeat everything said in a voice that corresponds to the animal. You can interact further, and also take videos via in the app to share. They’re targeted at young children, but even full grown adults have one or two of the apps.

There’s no denying that these applications are a hit among the app store audience. You can’t go onto the Top 25 without seeing one sitting at the top. I, and I’m sure along with others, am looking forward to see what Outfit7 has got in store for their fans!