Taiwan iPhone 3Gs Sold Unlocked Out-Of-The-Box

Following the device’s launch in Taiwan on Saturday, customers purchasing iPhone 3Gs have discovered that the devices are able to use SIM cards from carriers other than those of the official carrier, Chunghwa Telecom. Previously it was expected that the devices would be locked to the Chunghwa network.

Representatives from the telecom company commented prior to the launch that the device would in fact be locked, but it has been found that swapping the SIM card for that of another network works just fine, with the only exception being access to CHT’s “value added web services”.

In most cases where the iPhone is sold unlocked in a country, it is as a secondary option for which customers must pay a premium. Chunghwa Telecom is selling all their iPhones unlocked right out of the box at that premium, ranging in price from NT$26,600 (US$800) for the 8GB to NT$29900 (US$899). Still, Taiwan will likely be contributing to the grey market of unlocked iPhone 3Gs.

[via DigiTimes]

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