Taiwan Firm Making Micro Projectors For Future iPhones?

DigiTimes reports to have information from Taiwan-based handset makers that Taiwanese firm Foxlink is developing micro-projectors for use in mobile phones, with Apple being one of the companies expected to use the component in future versions of their handsets. The tiny projectors would allow devices to project video on to an external surface.

The note claims that Apple, along with Nokia, and Samsung Electronics, are all expected to release handsets with said projector components some time by the end of this year.

While a projector might make an interesting addition to the iPhone or iPod touch, the information seems unlikely, as current devices that include them are a great deal bulkier than most, and would most likely be difficult to fit in the iPhone’s sleek form. Saying Apple would be releasing it some time this year also seems unlikely, as Apple’s product cycle for the iPhone is in June or July.

[via DigiTimes]

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