Tablet Houses iPhone and other SmartPhones

At the Computex 2011 show Asus showed us the Padfone. The Acer Padfone will house smartphones in a tablet shell. The tablet connects to the smartphone via miniHDMI and USB, of which the USB powers the phone via the tablet’s battery. But, what does the Padfone do for us….the iPhone users? Nothing….

Enter a device created by ECS…similar to the Padfone. The device allows you to slide your phone into the tablet. This device is more like a dock instead of a tablet. It takes iPhone’s video and outputs it via HDMI to the built-in display. The 9.7-inch display uses the 4:3 format, same as the iPad. You also get an SD slot, two USB ports and a front-facing camera. But most importantly is that the, yet to be named, device can be used with just about any platform. It can be used with a large selection of smartphones including, our favorite, the iPhone.

This device could be seen by the end of the year and projected costs are around $200.
Is this too good to be true? Not sure how they can make this work or if Apple will allow compatibility with a product such as this. I’m a little leery, what do you think?