T-Mobile SIM working on iPhone

George Hotz, the man currently attempting to hack the iPhone using hardware debug techniques has made significant progress. He’s found a way to get a T-Mobile SIM card fully working via some very crafty tricks. According to Hotz, the iPhone checks for a valid AT&T SIM every minute or so. This means that even after booting your phone with an AT&T SIM, simply swapping out the card won’t work. George devised a method of getting around this via the iPhone’s debug hardware.

The technique is very similar to using a SIM proxy, without the proxy hardware. The only drawback is that you need JTAG (debugging) hardware instead. Although this represents significant progress toward a full unlock, it is not a viable solution as it requires significantly modifying the phone’s hardware.

iPhone’s almost unlocked, folks. Stay tuned!

[via JTAG blog]

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