Sybase Announces iAnywhere Enterprise Email Support For iPhone 3G

As you might remember, Sybase announced some time ago that they were working on porting their Information Anywhere Suite for letting IT organizations manage enterprise email to be iPhone compatible. They announced in April of this year that the iPhone was now supported by their iAnywhere suite, bringing Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange enterprise email to iPhone users. Now they are adding the iPhone 3G to that list as well.

Sybase’s iAnywhere serves as a go-between for corporate email systems and the iPhone, allowing it to interface with systems that might otherwise block it due to security concerns. With iAnywhere, IT can perform functions like email deletion, limiting of attachments, or even blocking a user entirely, adding an extra layer of control.

Support for the iPhone 3G now includes both Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes. Currently the Mobile Office software doesn’t yet support push email nor enable the calendar, contact, and corporate directory use, but Sybase says that that they will have it ready “in the near future.”

More information about Sybase’s iAnywhere software for the iPhone product line is available at Sybase’s website at

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