Sway is an addicting game by Illusion Labs that requires you to swing Lizzy and her friends through the terribly exploded world of Sway. It was destroyed by the absentminded wizard, and it is your task to explore the shattered remains for Lizzy’s friends.

To start you off, there is one level and one character (Lizzy). As time goes on, you’ll obviously gain more characters as you rescue her friends. The plot is really as simple as that.

In order to control Lizzy and her friends, players use both thumbs positioned on the sides of the screen, thus controlling each sticky hand. The physics are great and the controls (once you get ahold of them) are simple and easy.

While the game is pretty easy to get through, it’s quite difficult to get gold medals on levels. In order to do this, you must retrieve all the items for the level and fall under a certain time limit.

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to review this game. I was too busy playing it. Seriously.

Pros: Completely addictive, fun physics, great graphics

Cons: Nada

Bottom Line: Sway exceeds any and all of my expectations. It’s a reasonable price, and the replay value is decent. I would advise just about anyone to purchase this application. If you’re in the mood for either quick playing or an extended adventure, Sway is definitely the place to look.

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