Surveys: 56% In U.S. Poll Wants iPhone, Most Desired Smartphone In Japan

According to a survey from RBC Capital Markets, the majority of customers planning to purchase a smartphone in the next 90 days are planning to get an iPhone. Following Jobs’s announcement at WWDC of the iPhone 3G, RBC surveyed 3,600 members of it’s Technology Adoption Panel. Of those the participants, a whopping 56% said that they planned to buy an iPhone. Before the features and pricing were announced, that number was at only 35%.

According to RBC analyst Mike Abramsky, this is a sign that there is “unprecedented pent-up demand” for the device. 61% said that the 3G was a feature that influenced their decision, and 47% said that GPS was. Enterprise email was a factor for 35%, and 20% said it was for third-party applications.

Meanwhile, across the Pacific, a survey was conducted by iShare. Theirs found that 57.9% of all respondents said that they most wanted the iPhone 3G. Despite this, however, many of them listed the dimensions as their most important decision-making factor, rather than the interface, with 68.6% citing weight as important to them in a cellphone, and 38.1% citing overall size of the device.

[via Tech-On, Informationweek]

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