Super Monkey Ball 2 En Route for iPhone

Last year, Sega’s Super Monkey Ball [App Store, $3.99] served as an ideal launch title for the App Store, introducing players to accelerometer-driven games. Recently, Sega indicated that Super Monkey Ball 2 will emerge for the iPhone 18 months after the original was released for the App Store.

“We looked very, very closely at what was working on the Wii game in terms of motion controls and what we could extrapolate from that,” explains Sega’s Ethan Einhorn.
“Part of what we were able to pull from that was much better control over the left and right movement of the character. So we have something now where it is just so much easier to control the character and to make the precision movements that you have to.”

A host of new features learned from creating the original game will be added to Super Monkey Ball 2, including new and improved controls, 115 levels, five different worlds and downloadable add-on mini games – all headlined by the addition of four-player local wi-fi multiplayer.

“The entire game – all 115 boards – you can play with three more of your friends. The entire game is unlocked for that. If you wanted to play the whole game that way, you’d have two hours of gameplay roughly where the game constantly changes,” Einhorn concludes.

Super Monkey Ball 2 for iPhone will weigh in at a substantial 75MB and is apparently in the App Store review/approval system right now.

No word on a final price or system specs have been released to date.

[Via IGN]

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