Sunstorm Interactive Releases WW2 Beachhead 1.0 for iPhone, iPod Touch

Software developer Sunstorm Interactive announced the launch of WW2 Beachhead 1.0 [App Store], their World War 2 action game on Tuesday. The game places playersin a beachhead bunker wherein they must stand their ground against the attacking enemy. Enemies include ever-growing hordes of soldiers, shattering tank fire, and strafing gunfire from fast moving fighter planes. Bonus crates parachute in bringing extra health or more ammo. Players must use precise aim and fast reflexes to suppress the attacking waves and win the chance to fight another day.

Players can choose among three weapons of destruction:

- AA Machine Gun: The primary gun for taking out the enemy. This gun has unlimited ammo and is easy to master.

- Artillery Cannon: Firing explosive shells this gun is most effective against troops. One well-placed shot can wipe out a dozens soldiers. – Rocket Propelled Grenade: The definitive tank killer but also effective on planes or hordes of soldiers.

WW2 Beachhead 1.0 retails for $0.99 and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later to install and run.

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