Stock Command

Stock Command is a remake of the old game Missile Command, but there are a few variations. First of all, the stocks (missiles) don’t just move linearly, but can jolt around. There are three defense turrets and a few ‘funds’ at the bottom for you to defend as well.

The updates are very welcome. There is now music, and options to turn those and the sound effects off. The volume switch on the side of the iPhone also turns off sound effects (it leaves music, however). The music is partially interesting, but as most gaming music goes, it’s nothing to wave awards at. All the other updates can be viewed on the Stock Command iTunes Store page, so go ahead and take a gander while I really review Stock Command.

This game is hard to use. I was very excited to play a new version of Missile Command, but the main issue that constantly arises is that the missiles (failing stocks) being fired at you will not come at consistent speeds. The defense missiles you fire (making trades) will be varying speeds as well, although it almost feels like they compensate for something by speeding up for lower shots, or what have you.

Graphics in this game are left wanting as well. I’ve heard people raving about them, but I just can’t buy in. The buildings don’t vary, and the “Piles o’ Cash” that are littering the ground are just different sizes of the same image. The animation is pretty choppy as well, with the attacking missiles seemingly moving frame-by-frame, and sometimes in completely random directions. Now, it’s been a very long time since I played ‘ye ould Missile Command’, but as far as I remember, that version had some consistent graphics.

Pros: Dude, this is missile command! (That and changed graphics, decent background music, touch-screen interface)

Cons: The missiles are so inconsistent that playing a normal game is next to impossible.

Bottom Line: The game could be so much fun if not for the crippling flaws. It’s a really fun idea. Really, as soon as that missile-consistency bug is adjusted somehow, I’m well prepared to give this game a great review. Until then, though, I’d advise that you save your two dollars, buy an absurdly old computer and work some medieval Missile Command magic.

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