Stick It – iPhone Sticky Notes

Stick It is a great list/memo app that’s easy to use and more importantly, super fast to access. When your arms are full, the last thing you want to have to do is unlock your phone, scroll through your apps, and wait for your to-do list to load. While those things really don’t take THAT long to accomplish, it can be a real hassle while trying to juggle a baby and a shopping basket. Developer Mark Peterson has created an app that can completely replaced the iPhone’s default, Notes. All you have to do is make your note and then post it as your device’s wallpaper. Then to retrieve, simply press the home button!

Despite the basic nature of the app, the developer added a decent number of features. First, there are three different styles of notes: Notes (Post-Its), Comic (speech/thought bubbles), and Misc. (a nice mix of photo elements such as a billboard, stop sign, and scraps of paper). These are what your typed memos actually appear on. In addition to the customizable note style, you can also choose a background for said note. There are some nice options for this section as well. You can chose from solid colors, texture patterns, or even select a photo from your camera roll!

Once you’ve selected a background and note style, you can go ahead and enter your memo. Font, font size, and font color can be changed, which was a pleasant little surprise. If you run out of room, just add a few more notes to the picture! Just slide your finger around the screen to place them where you’d like. Once you have everything the way you want it, just hit preview to see how it will look as your wallpaper. If you like how things are lined up, then go ahead and tap “export”. The app will save your newly made memo to your camera roll, and you can then go ahead and set it as your wallpaper.

I only have a few issues with this app. For one, there is no way to change the text position from center. Secondly, there is no way to set your wallpaper directly from the app. This isn’t the developers fault though. Apple won’t allow apps to access the wallpaper settings, so I guess this is something we’ll just have to deal with for now. Lastly, I feel like there should be more than one “sticky board” to work with more notes. In the app’s description, Peterson makes it clear that he realizes that the app has imperfections and that he’s definitely not finished working on it. All in all, the price is great and with some nice updates coming soon, I think Stick-It is well worth the buck.

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