StarPlayr Satellite Radio Player Killed After Being Shelved By Apple

After waiting and waiting for an official Sirius/XM radio app for the iPhone, we were happy to hear that the guys at NiceMac were filling the void with their StarPlayr client. But now, with rumors of an official Sirius/XM radio app circulating and StarPlayr stuck in App Store approval limbo, they are giving up and shutting StarPlayr down for good. They’re even abandoning their WinMo client.

NiceMac announced yesterday morning on their website that they are ceasing development of the app; both the iPhone version and the already released Windows Mobile version, offering licensees refunds on a first-come first-served basis until the wells dry up.

While it’s suspected that Sirius/XM is the one behind all this, it’s another textbook example of the effect of Apple’s opaque app approval process. Rather than informing NiceMac that the weren’t going to approve their already completed app, they shelved it and waited for Sirius/XM to catch up with their own, leaving NiceMac biting their fingernails and wasting time and resources.

[via TUAW]

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