Star Trek App Beams to the iPad

Would Captain Kirk be an Apple guy or an Android guy? I’ll leave that debate open to real Star Trek fans, but I do know that Trekkies can now have the ultimate Star Trek experience on their iPad.

The new Star Trek application from CBS Interactive transforms your iPad into an authentic reproduction of the LCARS interface, aka the official Star Trek OS.

The app simulates the PADD, which first appeared on Star Trek: The Next Genration, and includes the entire Trek history; from the original iconic TV show, to the short-lived Enterprise series. The database includes information on aliens, ships and planets featured in the Star Trek universe.

The PADD also features Facebook and Twitter integration for Trekkies to keep updated on all the latest Star Trek news, and the well known computer prompt voice made famous by Majel Barrett Roddenberry.

The Star Trek PADD is available via the iTunes App Store for $4.99.