Staples Apple TV Product Page Hints at Future Sales of Apple Products

For those in the market for an Apple product such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, there are a number of retailers where customers could get their Apple fix. Most people visit their local Apple Store as the majority of consumers enjoy the experience they receive at the Apple-owned retailer, while others can visit retailers like Walmart, Target and Best Buy to pick up their Apple product.

But it looks as though another large retailer may be finally selling Apple products, according to a few interesting product pages found on their website.

9to5Mac received an email from one of their tipsters that contained screen capture from Staples’ website. The screen capture depicted a page for the Apple TV, listed at $49.99.

The title not only says “Apple TV,” but it also says “Test” directly following the Apple TV name. Of course, this leads us to believe Staples created the page in order to test the page’s layout and other variables to prepare for Staples’ apparent announcement to begin selling Apple products.

The Apple TV wasn’t the only Apple product to make its way to the Staples website as an Apple Lightning charge and sync cable is highlighted as a recommended product. 9to5Mac reported a number of additional Apple products were also included in a “mockup pages” section, but those product pages have since been removed.

Staples currently sells a number of Apple-compatible accessories, although the products come from companies like Logitech and Belkin and not from Apple.

We’re not entirely sure what to make of the Apple TV listing, but it could be a hint of things to come for Staples. Adding another retailer–especially a retailer considered the largest office retailer in the U.S.–to sell Apple products would give consumers yet another alternative when they need to purchase an Apple product the day it’s released, especially new iPhones and iPads.

[Via 9to5Mac]

Written by: Daniel Perez; Edited by: Mike Crook