Sprint Takes Another Step by Releasing Companion Application

Since October, from the introduction of the iPhone 4S, the iPhone has been available on the third most popular provider in the US on top of AT&T and Verizon, both of which have been available for some time now. Users currently with contracts with Sprint had yet to see the light in the form of an official companion application for iOS, but it’s finally here and somewhat worth the relatively long downtime/wait.

AT&T has their free application dubbed myAT&T as does Verizon, with theirs being called My Verizon Mobile. Available today is Sprint Mobile Zone, which holds a few improvements and added functionality over the previous two providers’ applications.

The official Sprint application allows users to do multiple things, once they sign in to their wireless account. They can check their account, which means their data usage, messaging, available minutes and more as well as have access to Sprint promotions and news, all accessible via a nice looking UI that seems to be easily navigable.

Additionally, the application gives you system statistics, something that’s definitely not new for iOS but a great extra touch. From here, you can check your device’s battery, usage and more.

You can also get in contact with Apple Care if you have purchased the plan from Apple; if not, the app has a store locator incorporated into its confines to allow you to locate your nearest Apple Store and your nearest Sprint store – both useful features.

Unfortunately, there’s bound to be a few caveats with an otherwise intuitive application that most Sprint users have probably been anticipating. One of the gripes that some people are pointing out, is that the application isn’t really its own UI/interface. It’s rather a web portal, or better known, a web app of a sort. However, it’s downloadable from the App Store for free and packs in quite a lot into one application – surely take a look at it if you’re provider is Sprint, and you’re intrigued and/or satisfied to finally have a companion application straight from Sprint.

Sprint Zone (AppStore Link) Sprint Zone
Developer: Sprint Nextel Corporation
Rated: 4+2.5
Price: Free Download Link