Sprint May Exclusively Get iPhone 5 in a Multi-Billion Dollar Deal, Updated iPhone 4S/5 Feature Lists

Sprint may have entered into a deal with Apple worth $20 billion, a huge gamble for the struggling carrier. As a result of the deal, iPhone 5 would reportedly be exclusively available on Sprint.

Under the deal, Sprint would be committed to purchase 30 million iPhones over the next four years.

If Boy Genius Report is to be believed, then Sprint’s iPhone 5 will feature 4G WiMax, significantly speedier hardware, a 4″ display, a full gigabyte of RAM, exclusive apps, revolutionary new voice control titled Assistant, a home button with gesture support/a button for Assistant. Of course, that would be in a taller-and-wider but thinner package.

AT&T and Verizon would not be left out if the deal pans out to be true as both carriers would begin offering the iPhone 4S. Reported features shape it up to be a decent revamp, complete with an Apple A5 chip, FaceTime HD and 8-megapixel 1080p cameras, multi-band 3G (meaning it could technically work across every network), and near-field communication integration all wrapped into a metal or high-quality plastic casing. An LTE 4G version of iPhone 5 for AT&T and Verizon could launch in the first quarter of next year.

With falling revenues and user numbers, Sprint is losing its momentum as a major carrier. Truth be told, this could be a very smart move for Sprint. In fact, the number one reason customers have cited for leaving the carrier is to purchase an iPhone. Customers will switch over by the millions for not only the upgraded hardware but also the carrier’s extremely-competitive unlimited plans. Even for a $20 billion gamble, it is not as risky as it may seem at first glance. This is exactly what Sprint needs to reinvigorate its brand, similar to what iPhone exclusivity did for AT&T.

As usually happens before a big product announcement day, the rumors have reached their peak of craziness. Even so, this one may be just about crazy enough to be true. There is real weight behind Sprint’s motives, plus money talks.