Spotify! Who wants an invite??

Possibly the greatest thing to happen to the iPhone, well, since the iPhone: Spotify.

I finally got my Spotify invite last night and couldn’t setup an account and start listening fast enough.  I even had the free iPhone App downloaded before my account was setup.

If you haven’t heard about Spotify, it just came to the US a couple weeks ago and is changing the way people listen to music.  Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service that started in 2008 and is finally in America.

Want to hear a specific song but Pandora won’t play it?  Don’t want to spend $1.29 to download it from iTunes?  Don’t want to risk getting a virus by pirating your music?  That’s where Spotify comes in!

There are three different plans, the free plan, Unlimited for $4.99 and Premium for $9.99.  The best deal is the Premium plan: you get unlimited listening, no ads, enhanced sound quality, can listen on your phone and there’s an offline mode.

It even synced with all of my iTunes last night.  Don’t need to wait for the iCloud now to get all my music on my phone, I already have it with Spotify.

So with all of this being said, I have two invites for the first two people to email  All I need is your email address!  Ready, GO!