SportSuit Convertible for iPhone 3G

The Sportsuit Convertible is a sleeve and armband setup with a comfortable fit for good performance and stable carrying. The sleeve’s clip works with multiple Marware accessories as well, providing wider functionality.

Description: As a case, the sleeve is not advertised to actually protect your iPhone besides with minor scratches. The case fits very tightly over the iPhone and keeps it there, and the clip firmly attaches to the armband. The armband is advertised as ‘one of the finest, most comfortable armband design on the market’, and admittedly it’s very nice. I took this case for a couple runs and the armband fit remarkably well, staying firm but comfortable for most of the run.

Pros: The armband is comfortable, fitting snugly around the upper bicep. The sleeve itself is extremely tight and there is no chance of your iPhone falling out due to normal jostling. There is an included pocket to place your keys, allowing runners to run in normal shorts. The multi-function clip is very useful if you have other Marware products, and a belt-clip is even included in the box.

Cons: The screen cover doesn’t settle against the iPhone’s screen, which make the bottom part of the cover harder to work with. If you plan on taking this case off, I’d advise grabbing the KY Jelly and getting ready for some real work.

Bottom Line: If you plan on running and want to bring your iPhone along, this armband apparatus is snug and comfortably fits around your arm. If you want a secure way to carry your iPhone while running or doing similar activities, this is a great accessory.

The Sportsuit Convertible is available at Marware’s site for $34.99.

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