Sport Grip silicone case by Marware

After last week’s less than stellar case review, the two cases I received from Marware felt like a breath of fresh air. I’ve been using their Sport Grip iPhone case for about a week now and have really fallen in love with it. It protects the phone well, feels great in my hand, and seems to be quite durable.

Inside the box you’ll find the Sport Grip for iPhone, a clear protective film, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Working the components from least to greatest importance, lets start with the cleaning cloth. Yes, I realize that iPhone comes with it’s own nifty little cloth for wiping smudges off, but the folks at Marware thought they could do one better. Let me tell you, this thing rocks! I gave it a quick try while my brother watched. He couldn’t believe how absolutely spotless that little rag left my screen. Personally, I would pay for a pack of those things by themselves.

Now, the cloth is all well and good by itself, but I get the feeling that Marware intended for it to clean the phone before applying the included screen protector. The most important thing to remember when applying screen protectors is that the surface needs to be spotless, and the cloth does the trick. I’ve never been a big fan of screen protectors, generally due to my inability to get them on properly the first time. Surprisingly I was able to get this one on with little effort or hassle. Marware made sure that the protective film wouldn’t obscure any of the sensors or earpiece by cutting holes for both. The home button is covered by a separately cut piece of film so that it still functions properly, even with the film on it. The film didn’t seem to have too great of an effect on the touch sensors, although it may have been slightly less accurate. I haven’t decided.

The case itself is made out of a slip-free, high-grade silicone which is both durable and comfortable to hold. The front has three cutouts: One for the ambient light and proximity sensors, one for the earpiece, and one for the screen. The bottom is open for dock, speaker, and microphone access. The top has access to the headphone jack and the back also has a hole perfectly positioned over the camera so pictures can be taken while the case is still in place.

The slip-free silicon and ribbed sides assures that your iPhone will stay in your hand, and not fall to the ground. I was even able to set it on the dash of my car without having it slide back and forth. As great as this it, it leads me to the case’s only major drawback. Because it’s so incredibly slip-free, the case tends to stick to the insides of a pocket which makes retrieving it rather difficult. If you plan on using this case while riding a bike for example, I recommend sticking to the iPhone’s earbuds instead of pulling out the phone to take a call.

The Sport Grip is a great case, but I haven’t yet touched upon my favorite aspect of it. Using your iPhone with the case on means all the buttons are covered. While this sounds like a major hinderance to functionality, Marware’s actually used this to their advantage by either raising or lowering the silicone to fit the contour of each button. This ends up actually IMPROVING the ease of in-pocket use by making each button more obvious to the touch. They’ve also made the ring/silent switch accessible with a small hole which allows toggling while the case is still on.

Overall, the Marware Sport Grip is one of my favorites. It protects the iPhone well without hindering it’s functionality. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality case for their iPhone.

The Marware Sport Grip comes in black, blue, pink, or clear and is available at Marware’s website,

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