Sport Grip for iPhone 3G

One of my favorite silicone cases for the original iPhone was the Sport Grip from Marware, and so I planned to hold its 3G brother up to the same standards. In the box you’ll find the Sport Grip for iPhone 3G, an excellent cleaning cloth, and a screen protector.

The Sport Grip itself is made of a slip-free silicone skin and comes in many colors. I happened to use the white one, which goes well with my white iPhone 3G. There are openings for every portion of the iPhone, including the screen, camera, sensors, earpiece, speaker, microphone, and the ring/silent switch. Additionally, there is covered access to the sleep/wake button, home button, and volume buttons. The material itself is very durable and seems like it would do well in a drop on concrete. In comparison to the original model, this one seems a bit thicker and even more durable. And although it’s a bit thicker, it still is quite thin.

The screen protector is made in the same way as the original model and will certainly guard against any potential scratches, should you choose to use it. It is also quite easy to apply and has openings for the home button, earpiece, and sensors. The included cloth is actually quite good and seems to do a better job than the one included with the iPhone.

The Good: The Sport Grip for iPhone 3G silicone case. While it does grip pretty well to surfaces, such as a car dash board, it feels very smooth in your hand. It also fits perfectly on the iPhone and protects it phenomenally well. It comes off easily whenever you want to go case-less and looks great when you have it on.

The included cleaning cloth is excellent, even compared to the cloth included with your iPhone. A screen protector is included as a bonus.

The Bad: As with the other Sport Grip, the only issue I have with this case is universal for all silicone cases. If you wear jeans, it’s going to stick a little in your pocket. The amount that it sticks seems to have lessened with this iteration, but it is still worth noting. Furthermore, the case is not dockable, although a majority aren’t so I won’t be taking off points because of it.

Bottom line: The Sport Grip for iPhone 3G hasn’t changed much compared to the original Sport Grip for iPhone. It’s still the same form factor and offers a great deal of protection, while still remaining fashionable and thin. If you’re in the market for a silicone case, the Sport Grip for iPhone 3G is one of the best (and fairly inexpensive) purchases you can make for your iPhone 3G.

The Sport Grip for iPhone 3G is available for $19.99 from and comes in white, pink, or black.

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