Speck Fitted Case

Some of us here at iPhone Alley may not be the most fashion-conscious people on Earth, but with the Speck Fitted case, any iPhone user can add a bit of style to their daily get-up. Sporting different design patterns like plaid and pinstripes, there is likely a design to please everyone.

The Fitted case by Speck is a hard plastic shell covered in one of three types of fabric. The case design offers full protection of the bezel and rear casing, and does not leave the SIM tray exposed like other similar cases on the market do. The case takes design cues from a few different hard shells like the Incase Slider, but adds a nice spin. Instead of a bottom half and top half, the Fitted implies a front and back style enclosure. The latches are very durable and did not open once through my drop tests.

The one thing that sets the Fitted case apart from the pack would have to be the fabric implanted into the case. Mind you, this isn’t just a faux fabric look, this is the real deal. The case uses high quality printed materials for the back casing and the front bezel. The fabric is glued to the hard plastic using a vacuum method to provide an even fit and strong hold on the body. The fabric does have a tendency to curl up after a week or so of use, and only a millimeter or so on the corners at that.

The case itself, structurally speaking, is built very well. There is very little “flash” (or excess plastic from the injection molding process) left behind. The fit is very nice, with little space left for the phone to rattle around. The only real issue I had is that, because the lip on the bezel is so high, typing on the outer edges of the keyboard is a bit more difficult. Not a lot, but just enough for one to get picky. All in all, I was very pleased with the Fitted case, both in looks and performance.

The Good: Classy design, great fit, and wonderful protection.

The Bad: Fabric gets frayed at corners after constant use. The lip on the bezel could be just a tad shorter.

The Bottom Line: Speck has hit the nail on the head for the iPhone fashionistas who also demand a great deal of protection. The Speck Fitted case is on sale now for $29.95.

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