Sonic Lighter Lets You Vote For Your Superbowl Team, Make Lighter Art

Smule has a habit of impressing us, and now they’ve come up with two new ways to do it. With the release of Sonic Lighter v1.3, they are also announcing two cool new ways to use the app. Tapping into it’s social functions, you can now vote for which team you’re rooting for during this year’s Superbowl in what they’ve dubbed the Smulerbowl. To participate, light your Sonic Lighter’s flame in Gold if you’re rooting for Pittsburgh or red for Arizona. Then check out the flames around the world at

They’ve also opened a new forum on their website where people can share Lighter Art they’ve created using the Sonic Lighter to draw shapes and write text by turning on the app and moving around with it to draw on the map. You can check out how to do it and a few examples here.

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